SMS4dads is a new project to keep in touch with dads before and after the birth through their mobile phones. The idea is to send text messages with tips, information and links to other services for new dads.

Stayin’ On Track is an online resource for young Aboriginal dads. It’s a site for mentoring and supporting your mates to stay on track and be good dads.

The baby brain research project.PNG

The Baby Brain Research Project aims to learn more about how pregnancy may change women’s brain functioning as they prepare for motherhood.


The Child and Parent Emotions Study (CAPES) is a longitudinal study investigating how prospective (pregnant) and current parents think about child emotions, and how this relates to their parenting and their children’s development.

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Ten to Men is an Australia-wide study of the health and lifestyles of a large group of Australian males aged 10 and older. The first of its kind, the study will follow participants over time and provide an important resource for improving the health of Australian men and boys.