MAPP-5 - the beginning

Between 2015-2017, 609 men aged 28-32 years joined the MAPP-5 study and agreed to complete an online questionnaire, taking approximately 30-minutes, once a year for 5 years.  

While the acronym MAPP stands for Men and Parenting Pathways, we are equally interested in men who are parents, and those who are not. We aim to compare how life changes for those who do and do not become fathers.

Through their involvement in the MAPP study, our participants are helping us to better understand men and their experiences.

We have now completed two waves of data collection.

Wave 3, 4 and 5 up and running

Waves 1 and 2 data collection are now complete and our participants are completing wave 3 and 4, with some beginning wave 5. For this reason, we ask our participants to watch out for their next survey link, which we will send by email 12 months after the last survey completion.

To show our thanks for participation in the study, each month all participants who are up to date with their annual surveys are entered into a draw for a $100 voucher.

keep in touch

If you’re a MAPP participant, and your contact information has changed since the last time we were in contact, please let us know your change of contact details.