Our research is aimed at understanding men’s beliefs, perceptions and expectations of fatherhood within a sociocultural context. Adopting a person-centred qualitative approach gives insight into the complexities of men’s experiences. The qualitative aspect of our project will provide data for a deep and rich analysis.
— Associate Professor Tess Knight Psychologist, Qualitative Research Specialist & Men and Parenting Pathways Investigator

In 2015 and 2016 MAPP qualitatively investigated the expectations of fatherhood in metropolitan and rural men who at the time did not have children. The first MAPP qualitative study is published in the journal Psychology of Men and Masculinity.

Currently, we are interviewing men who have told us they do not intend to ever have children, asking them how they came to that decision and how they envisage their future lives.

Over a 5-year period we will follow up the men who were previously interviewed to consider how their expectations compare to their subsequent experiences.